Take a Peek at The Palladium’s Site Update


Poised to become the tallest building in Western Visayas with 22 floors, The Palladium exudes exceptional appeal as the third residential condominium tower that will rise in the heart of Iloilo Business Park. Named after the rarest metallic element of the Earth, The Palladium is Megaworld’s masterpiece condominium tower introduced in Western Visayas. It showcases four multi-level sky gardens that have the ambiance and design of a real rain forest, a recreational place in the tower where residents can commune with nature and have a view of the impressive cityscape. The Palladium’s most exciting feature is its exclusive offering of the Loft-type units located in the Penthouse, the topmost level of the tower. These Loft units are residential units with bigger spaces and have a second floor, the most luxurious condominium offering in the region so far.

unnamed 14055180_1082346005169195_585746890615192838_n The Palladium at Megaworld Iloilo Business Park 4 2-1

Photos from top to bottom: The Palladium’s topnotch lifestyle amenities and unique features – Loft-type unit at the Penthouse level, Function Room, Sky Garden and Infinity Pool

The third level amenity deck of The Palladium is an oasis of relaxation featuring an infinity pool that overlooks the city, a pool lounge, Jacuzzi, an outdoor spa, fitness gym, children’s playground, function room and Daycare. The tower proved to be a scene-stealer for its exceptional features, amenities and design that convey modern architecture, creating a world-class impression when it comes to establishing a residential condominium with multifaceted appeal. The ground floor of the tower will feature an arcade of retails shops, bistros and boutiques for residents to enjoy a hip lifestyle that connects to the whole township. The Palladium is a soaring beauty of its own, a home for the ambitious and success-driven individuals, dreaming to reach the top with their passion and colors for life.

Targeted for completion and turnover, The Palladium is expected to open on December 31, 2019 with 6 months grace period. To give you a site update of The Palladium, here are new photos taken at Iloilo Business Park where the tower will soon rise.

MRX_0820 MRX_0814 MRX_0818

The Palladium site development update as of May 2017

For lifestyle details and site tour, please call (033) 330-3464 or visit IBP Sales and Information Center. Our online address is http://www.iloilobusinesspark.ph.

Great Ideas to Increase the Value of your Commercial Property

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Envision, get a property, be strategic and reap the reward of your success through commercial property investment. Investing in commercial real estate can be a financially and personally rewarding opportunity when done strategically. Clever real estate developers and property management firms strive to maximize profits from their commercial investments by increasing the value of their property through multiple different techniques. Generally, smaller financial investments now with the goal of enhancing the value of the property will often lead to hefty payouts in the future due to higher leasing capacity rates and, ultimately, more revenue. After investing in a commercial property, it is important to increase cash flow and decrease expenses to capitalize on the building and make the most out of the investment.

We have found that these easy strategies produce significant increases in the value of commercial properties by cutting overall business costs and attracting tenants.


Consider to Add More Amenities

Adding amenities is a way to improve the appearance of your commercial development, charm tenants, and enhance the property’s value. With the addition of these brand new comforts, the future office space’s value will inflate exponentially from its previous state, creating an overall higher payout and enticing appearance to potential tenants.

1 (2)

Clean and Well-maintained Property

The cheapest way to increase the value of your commercial space is to attract tenants by keeping a well-maintained property at all times. Make sure the grounds, parking lots, and walkways are kept free of trash at all times. If paint is chipping off the building, be sure to repaint it. If certain features are outdated, such as floors or doors, be sure to renovate them. This will augment the value of your commercial property and attract residents without having to make pricey structural changes.

1 (3)

Elevate Safety Measures and Tenant Parking

An often overlooked way to add value to a property is to strengthen security around the property. Adding gates, alarm systems, and even security guards can lower insurance premiums and attract tenants with your preventative measures. If there is no parking by the facility, consider adding a parking area for tenants in a nearby unused area.


Try to make it Eco-friendly and Green

Although updating your commercial office space to incorporate eco-friendly features will incur some expenses, in the long run it can significantly reduce utility and electric costs, prevent damage to the building, and improve the overall appearance of the property by remodelling an outdated look. Features such as solar roofs, tinted windows, and energy-efficient appliances can easily lower long-run costs, as well as earn your building tax incentives or a prestigious LEED certification.

Utilize Marketing to Avoid Vacancies

One of the easiest ways to lose money on a commercial real estate investment is to have vacant units. To avoid this, utilize cheap and easy marketing strategies, such as advertising on social media or placing attractive signs around the local area, to captivate potential tenants and lease to capacity every year.

Although a seemingly daunting task, increasing the value of your commercial property can be made simple. The key points to remember are to increase cash flows and decrease spending, which can be done by attracting tenants through keeping your building attractive and clean, and decreasing costs by adding eco-friendly, energy-saving features.


Iloilo Business Park will soon have the biggest Central Business District (CBD) in the Visayas

Iloilo Business Park paves the way for incoming entrepreneurs and investors to own their commercial property in Iloilo City by opening its 9.2-hectare Boutique Hotel and Commercial District which is located in the southern part of the township. Having a direct access to the whole multi-integrated community of Iloilo Business Park, owning and buying a commercial lot here will allow businesses to thrive and investors will elevate their business plans. Bank and financial institutions are encouraged to purchase a commercial property here since this will be the future center of finance and commerce. For OFWs and future entrepreneurs, building your own commercial buildings and invest on different business ventures here will increase your profitability. Right now, 80% of the commercial lots are being sold out among financial institutions and entrepreneurs, making this area attractive among real estate investors. Megaworld, the developer of Iloilo Business Park envisioned to develop this area as the future Central Business District (CBD) in the coming years that will soon become the biggest in the Visayas.

For real estate investment, call (033) 330-3464 or visit us at www.iloilobusinesspark.ph.


Reasons Why Condo Lifestyle is Taking Centerstage at Iloilo City


Close-up look on Condominium Model Units at Iloilo Business Park Sales and Information Center, open any day of the week for client’s visit

In Iloilo City, condominium lifestyle may not be as popular in the heydays compared in recent years. Ilonggos have already elevated their lifestyle perspective by embracing the concept of upscale condominium living with the continued infrastructure and investment projects swiftly changing the metropolis vibe of the city. Many Ilonggos working abroad have already considered condominium lifestyle as their best option not just to invest but to consider living a luxurious life after their retirement. For the typical middle and upper class Ilonggo families, owning and investing a condominium right now is more than just luxury, it is a guarantee that lifestyle in their progressive city is different and moving higher in terms of future perspective.

But what makes investing for condominium lifestyle in Iloilo City the best choice you can have right now? It is seamless kind of life and will go with the trends of development? Here are some important reasons to consider when investing for a condominium in Iloilo City: prime location, security, world-class amenities and living in an upscale community. Are you ready to own a condo in Iloilo City?

Great Location

Never forget that location is vitally important in investing for a condominium.  In the real estate industry, location is always the prime factor when determining the value of a property. After all, access and convenience are often the key reasons why people consider buying a condo unit in the first place — they want a home that is accessible to all the places of interest such as offices, schools, malls, restaurants and hospitals. Iloilo City is moving in that direction: fast-paced lifestyle, rising metropolitan center of business and investments – the location is perfectly changing and goes up higher.


Developer’s reputation is important

You can always trust that your investment for your condominium unit will be worth it if you consort with a reputable developer.  Megaworld, the country’s leading property developer and pioneer of ‘live-work-play-learn’ township concept in the Philippines, has brought the very first after-sales services for condominium buyers, assuring you a hassle-free and seamless experience from the time you plan of buying a ready unit, to designing your living space and turnover, until you plan to re-sell or lease out your condo unit. Through the company’s dynamic marketing division, clients can enjoy services like Leasing and Resale Management, Maintenance and Turnover, and Free Interior Design Services. Leasing and Resale Management takes care of selecting and negotiating bank finance options in behalf of client as well as refurbishment of units in preparation for leasing or resale of the property. Meanwhile, Turnover and Maintenance Services, allows a smooth and hassle-free turnover process of the purchased condo units to clients.

Lafayette Park _POOL (3) Lafayette Park _POOL (7)

Upscale Amenities to Enjoy Life

The best reason you bought a condo is to enjoy life and experience a fair share of luxury that you’re dreaming of. You condominium unit must be located within a community where lifestyle amenities are readily available. Within the residential tower, there must be a lifestyle amenity deck or a recreational space where residents can enjoy swimming in the swimming pool, a fitness gym to stay active, a pocket garden to unwind, a function room for various life celebrations, a comfy guest or main lounge for your visitors, a daycare where working parents can leave their young children during work hours; an element of commercial ambiance where bistros, cafes or retail shops are located right at your doorstep. This kind of condo unit you can own must interweave and connects with the lifestyle of the whole vibrant community.

Consider Affordability of Monthly Amortization

After all the considerations about the perfect unit have been made, here comes the tricky part that you wish you never have to deal with but is, in fact, the most important: Considering your current income and future plans, calculate if you can actually afford this significant investment. Before saying yes to anything, you have to reflect on your financial means, and whether you are going to be doing it on your own or with someone else. You also have to consider unforeseeable events like unemployment and sickness that will sometimes force you to realign your budget.  For this, the key is to choose a unit that will not stretch your budget too thin and allow you leave room for emergency expenses.

Present aerial site update of Iloilo Business Park, Western Visayas’ biggest lifestyle investment and lifestyle township


Artist’s perspective of One Madison Place set for turnover this year


A Paris-inspired perspective of Saint Honore, Iloilo Business Park’s newest residential tower

Condo Lifestyle in the City of Love

Considering all of these significant things to understand before making the decision to own a condominium in Iloilo City, it’s about time we take you to Iloilo Business Park, Megaworld’s 72-hectare business and lifestyle township rising in the old Iloilo airport in Mandurriao District. This future commercial area touted to become the epicentre of investments offer an upscale lifestyle that replicates world-class residential living within a modern community. In the residential district of Iloilo Business Park, the first three residential towers that will rise is One Madison Place (set for turnover this year), the Spanish-French-inspired tower Lafayette Park Square (set for 2018 turnover) and the tallest tower in the region – The Palladium with 22 floors. Another addition to the high-end lifestyle in the township is Saint Honore, a Paris-inspired condo tower with 10 floors rising with classy amenities.

Megaworld ensures that every residential condominium tower they conceptualize will showcase not just the world-class luxury and amenities, but the concept of connecting it with the lifestyle of the township. Iloilo City is taking the center stage as the next best investment destination in the country, strengthening its tourism and cultural potential, and opening more doors for global opportunities, with these exciting developments and lifestyle perspective, particularly the concept of condominium living is slowly etched in the consciousness of modern Ilonggos, who believes that their city is the next highly-urbanized metropolis in the Philippines. But the best reason why it’s wiser to invest for a condominium and own one in Iloilo City is: there’s less pollution, the city’s ambiance is relaxing, traffic hassle is still manageable and Ilonggos are lovers of creating a balance between nature and progress.

Are you ready to own a condo in Iloilo City? Head on to Iloilo Business Park to take a glimpse of our model condo units at IBP Sales and Information Center or call (033) 330-3464. Check out updates online at http://www.iloilobusinesspark.ph.


WOFEX 2017 held at Iloilo Convention Center

16934170_1660393270643147_205113666_n 16923482_1660393523976455_538123381_n-1 16976581_1660393567309784_1133300141_n

Celebrating excellence and new innovations in the field of culinary arts and industry, World Food Expo (WOFEX) 2017 was held at Iloilo Convention Center in Iloilo Business Park on February 23, 9AM until February 25. WOFEX is the Philippines’ biggest culinary event that gathers professionals, chefs and skilled people related in the field of hospitality, food industry and products A wide array of products and services are on display by major F&B suppliers, exhibitors and new industry players. Foreign exhibitors from around the world continue to make WOFEX a truly international exhibition. Not to be outdone are the best of Filipino fare-showcasing some of the country’s best home-grown products.

This time, Iloilo City was honored to be the host of this year’s WOFEX which is dubbed as a popular “culinary destination” in Western Visayas. Iloilo City is known for a wide-array of delectable cuisines, sweets and local products that make it an ideal tourism destination. The event was graced by special honorary guests including Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog as keynote speaker, Iloilo Vice Mayor Jose Espinosa III, Iloilo Provincial Administrator Raul Banias, Department of Trade and Industry Regional Director Rebecca Rascon, Department of Angriculture AMD Chief Maria Teresa Solis, Department of Tourism Special Events Officer Pamela Denise Cababasay, Island Living Channel Chairman-CEO Radjie Caram, Iloilo Hotels, Restaurants and Resorts Association President Angela Abenir, Iloilo Business Park Vice President for Sales and Marketing Jennifer Ann Palmares-Fong, and PepTarsus, Inc., Vice President Randy Manaloto.

Music, Fireworks and More at Iloilo Business Park’s Dinagyang Celebration


Great fun and spectacles are coming to Iloilo Business Park this Dinagyang Festival fever on Saturday, January 21 with a lot of guest artists and surprises. Catch one of the country’s sensational rock bands – the Sponge Cola who will perform their popular hit songs to the delight of Ilonggo crowd at the newly-opened Festive Walk Parade. Enjoy the band’s serenade with non-stop music as they perform live. Other cover bands that will entertain guests and visitors are Kreonz band and Dyevest band starting 4PM until the evening.



The annual fireworks display – Glitters in the Sky at Iloilo Business Park

Around 7PM, Iloilo Business Park will once again light up the City of Love with “Glitters in the Sky” fireworks display in collaboration with Megaworld Lifestyle Malls and the City Government of Iloilo. With the Dinagyang Festival sensation happening in the city, it’s great to savor the exciting culinary fare offered by various restaurants inside the township and at the Festive Walk Parade including Grillers, Farm to Table, DoVa Brunch Cafe, Cable Car and more. Taste the international flavors of delightful gastronomy at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo’s restaurant – The Granary and Bizbar. Swim and relax while watching the cityscape at the hotel’s pool deck.



Dinagyang warriors dancing at the Festive Walk Parade


Richmonde Hotel Iloilo’s impressive pool deck at the 7th floor

Make your Dinagyang celebration special and spectacular at Iloilo Business Park this weekend. Visit the township to see some stunning changes and developments.

Festive Walk Parade 1st Phase opens at Iloilo Business Park

mrx_4804 mrx_4806 mrx_4840

Megaworld, the country’s largest developer of integrated urban townships, is launching the first phase of the Festive Walk Parade at the 72-hectare Iloilo Business Park township in Mandurriao, Iloilo City.
At 1.1 kilometers and divided into four phases, the Festive Walk Parade is considered as Western Visayas’ longest retail and dining strip. It will showcase local and legendary Ilonggo restaurants as well as international brands.
“With the opening of the first phase of the Festive Walk Parade this Christmas season, Ilonggos will get a taste of the experience that a Megaworld Lifestyle Mall offers. The line of retail shops and restaurants fronting wide arcades, surrounded by beautifully landscaped walkways, makes a stroll along the entire stretch of the Iloilo Festive Walk a truly captivating experience,” said Kevin L. Tan, senior vice president and head, Megaworld Lifestyle Malls.

mrx_4849 mrx_4856mrx_4857 mrx_4877

The exterior design of the Festive Walk Parade is reminiscent of the Santana Row development in California, with touches of art nouveau and art deco as homage to Iloilo’s own architectural heritage.
At the edge of the development will be the Casa Emperador, which will house the Casa Emperador Museum at its 2nd and 3rd floors. The museum will showcase the rich history and vast collection of one of the world’s biggest brandy producer, Emperador Distillers Inc. Casa Emperador’s facade echoes Iloilo’s very own Provincial Capitol with impressive neoclassical design and proportions, evoking the aesthetics of old European palaces.
Meanwhile, alfresco dining on the development’s second floor will have a spectacular view of the beautifully landscaped Park Square, where a monument of Ilonggo revolutionary hero General Martin Delgado will stand.
“The Festive Walk Parade will serve as a cultural and historical manifesto for Iloilo, a celebration of its heritage and future, establishing a place of economic and civic vibrancy, life and activity,” Tan said.
Early this year, Megaworld announced the completion of around 11 malls and commercial centers in McKinley Hill, Uptown Bonifacio, McKinley West, The Mactan Newtown, Iloilo Business Park, ArcoVia City, Southwoods City and Makati by year-end, totalling to around 371,000 square meters of gross floor area. Just last month, it announced the construction of Northill Town Center at its 53-hectare Northill Gateway township in Bacolod.

Iloilo Business Park Fascinates with Current Development Updates


The present facade of the 3,700-seater Iloilo Convention Center expected to become the venue of the ASEAN side meetings this coming March 2017 and a possible venue for Ms. Universe 2017 side event. 


Recent site update of Megaworld Boulevard, the township’s major 8-lane thoroughfare that includes a Bike Lane for commuters’ healthy activities.  


The next international hotel to open next year in Iloilo Business Park is the Courtyard by Marriot Hotel. Here’s a look on its recent development site update. 

When was the last time you visited Iloilo Business Park? If you’re an Ilonggo who appreciates the swift developments and progress of Iloilo City lately, then Iloilo Business Park is the fast-forward modern picture of this gorgeous city. If you’re a visitor or traveller who came to the city a few years ago, then you would realize that a lot has change, and Iloilo Business Park is a new destination that will catch your attention. In vision, Iloilo City is chasing a more vibrant future and infrastructure elevation with the continued pouring of investments and investors who are optimistic that this timeless city is heading in the right direction.

Megaworld Corporation, the country’s real estate giant established the 72-hectare Iloilo Business Park in the old Iloilo airport in Mandurriao District to create a bigger pathway for economic rise and elevate the lifestyle in the region. It is by far the largest commercial and business township in Western Visayas. Jobs and careers are shaping up in this inspiring township by establishing the biggest Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) District in the region. In fact, a total of 10 BPO buildings will rise in the next 10 years and envisions to create more than 30,000 jobs in the process. Right now there are four BPO buildings that are fully finished and operating such as One Global Center, Two Global, One Techno Place and Three Techno Place. Iloilo Convention Center, a 3,700-seater modern convention facility was the official venue of the 2015 APEC ministerial meetings.



The latest addition to the list of BPO Office Buildings in Iloilo Business Park is Three Techno Place now on its final phase of development completion. 


Presently, this is the site of the 9.2-hectare Boutique Hotel and Commercial District where 80% commercial lots are already sold-out to local entrepreneurs and private companies. 

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo is the first upscale hotel that opened in 2014. Another first-class hotel is on the rise through Courtyard by Marriot Hotel, a 15-storey international business hotel that will invigorate the tourism industry of the region. A shopping mall is soon to open in the township through the Festive Walk Mall where international boutiques and retail stores are expected to open exclusively. Another gem in the city of love is the opening of the 1.1-kilometer Festive Walk Parade next year, where high-end restaurants, bistros, retails shops and unique destinations will become the next lifestyle hub of Ilonggos. To invigorate the business sector of the city, the township’s very own Boutique Hotel and Commercial District will be the setting of rising businesses, investments and commercial synergy.

To showcase the classy and luxurious lifestyle in Iloilo Business Park, there are already four residential towers that will mesmerize homebuyers such as One Madison Place scheduled for 2017 turnover, Lafayette Park Square set for 2018 opening, the region’s tallest 22-storey tower The Palladium for 2019 turnover, and Saint Honore, a Parisian-inspired condo tower.

So, if you’re an Ilonggo looking for fascinating changes and developments in your gorgeous city or a visitor trying to reconnect your vision with the “city of love,” Iloilo Business Park should be the perfect destination where you can feel that elevating excitement of what’s to come in the near future. This is the township of vibrant possibilities that will shape the inspiring rise of Iloilo City as one of the country’s most liveable metropolis.


Here’s a present development update of the Festive Walk Mall expected to open early next year. 


Across the Festive Walk Mall is the Mall Annex. Here’s a look on its latest construction update. 


Current construction update of Festive Walk Parade beside One Global Center


Another look on the development update of Festive Walk Parade at the back of One Global Center. 


Festive Walk Parade latest construction site update beside One Global Center. 


Present site update of Lafayette Park Square, the second residential tower of Iloilo Business Park scheduled for 2018 turnover with 6 months grace period.


Here’s a look on Megaworld Boulevard with the present development update of One Madison Place scheduled for March and October 2017 series of turnovers with 6 months grace period.

Turn your lifestyle dream into realistic possibility by investing a place at Iloilo Business Park. For inquiries, call us at (033) 330-3464 or visit IBP Sales and Information Center open 7 days a week.

Dream Vacations at Iloilo Business Park’s 1st 3D Light Show on Oct. 22


Spectacular surprises and timeless passion will redefine Iloilo Business Park as Western Visayas’ significant lifestyle township on October 22 with the first of its kind 3D Light Show featuring the official launch of Saint Honore.

Expected to jumpstart the biggest visual presentation in Iloilo City, the 3D Light Show at Iloilo Business Park will happen at 8PM where audience right in front of Richmonde Hotel Iloilo will get to have a glimpse of the township’s vision while visuals spectacle will be projected at Two Global Center building.

saint-honore-exterior-night 14080012_1082340318503097_1074908025221301154_n saint-honore-interior-court-2 14169673_10154209639193941_505781854_n

Saint Honore’s timeless Paris grandeur: (top to bottom) night shot perspective, artsy Main Lobby, landscaped-garden Atrium and third level Amenity Deck perspective

The event is free and open to all where an alfresco dining and culinary parade of the township’s classy restaurants including Cable Car, Farm to Table, DoVa Brunch Cafe and a lot more others will captivate all the onlooker’s taste buds, giving them a foretaste of what it feels like to experience the Festive Walk Parade in the very near future.

Megaworld’s newest residential tower, the 10-storey Saint Honore is an impressive replication of French architecture and a glimpse of Parisian lifestyle, reminiscing the “city of light’s” old downtown street in France called Rue Saint Honore. In the same passion, this stunning residential condominium will conquer the vision and imagination of homebuyers who are deeply passionate with luxury, accessibility and serenity, a piece of Paris rising beautifully in Iloilo City, the Philippines’ “city of love.” Saint Honore is destined to make you fall in love with its timeless lifestyle inspiration that exceeds beyond comfort and style – it’s a life-changing living perspective. Saint Honore will delight condo buyers with its classic French-styled amenities, a parade of pleasurable experiences that will be seen in its Third Level Amenity Deck where a gorgeous swimming pool, pool lounge, Jacuzzi, Fitness Center and Function Hall will become a festive celebration of life. Paris very own Tuilleries Garden is a perfect inspiration that captured the vivacity of Saint Honore’s Atrium, a ground level tranquil landscaped garden where French-inspired trellised seats, sculptures, decors and artworks will keep future residents in-synched with nature. A bit more of an artsy-type luxury space inspired by Louvre Museum, the tower’s stunning Main Lobby exudes such colourful ambiance.  Saint Honore is directly linked and a few steps away from other prominent destinations and lifestyle areas in Iloilo Business Park.

parisian-macao-fireworks parisian_flexi_rate_500x340

Take these exciting dream vacation for yourself when you buy Saint Honore’s Studio Unit, One Bedroom Unit or Two Bedroom Unit on October 22

What’s more, your most exciting vacation dream is within your reach as Iloilo Business Park will make condo buyers fall in love with Saint Honore. For those who will buy a Studio Unit on October 22, they will be entitled to avail a 3-days-and-2-nights stay at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo with breakfast and afternoon tea. If you want a bit classier, buy a One Bedroom Unit and you’ll be flying to Manila for free with your special someone to enjoy a 3-days-and-2 -nights stay at Marriot Manila Hotel with breakfast and access to the Executive Lounge. Dream vacation can be yours when you buy a Two Bedroom Unit and instantly, you’ll be rewarded with a roundtrip airfare ticket for two to Macau as you enjoy a 3-days-and-2-nights stay at the posh Parisian Macao luxury hotel.

Radiant lights, festive skies and overflowing passion-turning-into reality will set the mood for Iloilo City’s metropolitan perspective with Iloilo Business Park’s biggest and grandest celebration on October 22 at 8PM. Come and join us as we make history with the first ever 3D Light Show right in the heart of the region’s life-larger business and leisure township.  For more details on the event,. call us at (033) 330-3464.

Buy Saint Honore Condo Unit to Avail Vacation Freebies at Iloilo Business Park’s 3D Light Show on Oct. 22

14718791_1136403556430106_8444253750115916965_n saint-honore-exterior-night saint-honore-exterior-street-night

A vibrant vision and perspective of Saint Honore, Iloilo Business Park’s classy Parisian-inspired residential tower

Fulfill your greatest Parisian Macao dream, Marriot Hotel Manila sojourn and  Richmonde Hotel escapade by choosing a dream lifestyle at Saint Honore, Megaworld’s gorgeous 10-storey residential condominium at Iloilo Business Park on October 22 in time for the tower’s grand launch and 3D light show at 8:00 in the evening.

14707929_1136369063100222_5314358331748084170_o Richmonde-Iloilo-Pool-PR

Enjoy free 3 days and 2 nights stay at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo when you avail a Studio Unit at Saint Honore on October 22

Guests and clients of Iloilo Business Park are invited to avail for their biggest treat when they buy a condominium unit at Saint Honore. When they reserve and get a Saint Honore Executive Studio Unit, they will have a free 3 days and 2 nights stay at Richmonde Hotel Iloilo’s Suite Room with free daily breakfast and afternoon tea.


Manila Marriot Hotel experience can be yours when you buy a One Bedroom Unit at Saint Honore on October 22

For those who will choose to buy Saint Honore’s One Bedroom Unit, clients can avail a free roundtrip airfare tickets for two going to Manila plus 3 days and 2 nights stay at Marriot Hotel Manila with breakfast and access to the Executive Lounge.

parisian-macao-fireworks parisian_flexi_rate_500x340

Own a dream vacation at The Parisian Macao showcasing vibrant luxury and lifestyle experiences by getting a Two Bedroom Unit at Saint Honore on October 22

For a bit more posh and memorable experience, clients and guests who will purchase a Two Bedroom Unit at Saint Honore will have free roundtrip airfare tickets for two heading to Macau for 3 days and 2 nights stay at The Parisian Macao with free breakfast.

14100517_10206556946233465_4355283277278647823_n 14080012_1082340318503097_1074908025221301154_n

A look on Saint Honore’s Lifestyle Amenity Deck on the third floor and Main Lobby

There’s nothing exceptionally exciting when you choose to embrace your dream-like lifestyle at the Paris-inspired Saint Honore residential tower and get to enjoy first-class freebies like no other.

Impressively astonishing in vision and concept, never miss the opportunity to come and be a part of Iloilo Business Park’s official launch of Saint Honore on October 22, 8PM as we bring you the first and biggest 3D light show ever in Iloilo City. Light show will be projected in One Global Center building and viewing area will be at the front of Richmonde Hotel Iloilo. Enjoy alfresco dining and classy mini-food festival from our classy restos such as Cable Cable, Farm to Table, and DoVa Brunch Cafe. Aside from the light show, never miss other spectacles including a fireworks display, music performances and more.

The greatest show in the “city of love” is only happening in the region’s grandest lifestyle township – Iloilo Business Park on October 22. See you and we’ll assure you that your lifestyle vision will never be the same again.

For event details and lifestyle inspiration, call us at (033) 330-3464 or drop by at IBP Sales and Information Center, open 7 days a week.

BPO Careers are Shaping Up at Iloilo Business Park


Jobs and employment opportunities are getting global at Iloilo Business Park. Creating a sense of vision and inspiring the Ilonggos with Iloilo Business Park’s township concept theme, a bright future is shaping up in the horizon for the past three years.

But one of the most beneficial advantages of having this gorgeous township in Iloilo City is the establishment of its own BPO District as the biggest so far in the region. Iloilo Business Park created big plans and development projects for the locals to ensure in creating competitive employment opportunities by working for the expanding BPO industry. In this township, Megaworld, the real estate giant developer of Iloilo Business Park shared their vision of establishing a total of 10 BPO buildings and creating more than 30,000 jobs in the next ten years.


One Global Center


Two Global Center

Since Iloilo City is known as the epicentre of education by having the most number of universities, schools and colleges, Ilonggos are competitive when it comes to English communication skills. Ilonggos are well equipped with a strong foundation in the English language and more foreigners are coming in this city to learn English like Koreans and other nationalities. In fact, every year, there are thousands of graduates in Iloilo and throughout Western Visayas who are looking for competitive career, and Iloilo Business Park’s BPO District answers such need. The flourishing BPO business expansion in Iloilo City is now coming into reality with the aggressive development of Iloilo Business Park’s BPO District. Nearby provinces will also benefit from the expanding BPO and call center employment opportunities in the township.


Three Techno Place


One Techno Place

In 2014, Megaworld opened One Global Center and Two Global Center that houses BPO companies Transcom Asia and StarTek, respectively. Richmonde Tower currently houses the regional offices of BPO companies I-QOR and Reed Elsevier in the second, third and fourth floors, respectively. This year, two more BPO buildings are expected to open namely One Techno Place and Three Techno Place across the Iloilo Convention Center.

Iloilo Business Park shapes up better and world-class jobs in Iloilo and other neighbouring provinces that would elevate the quality of life, ensuring that this rising township is more than just about commerce, business and leisure, it’s a place where careers are promising, too.

So, are you looking for a competitive job? One of these days, try to visit Iloilo Business Park and who knows, you might find the best job you’re searching for.